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    We are a professional team, creating original and quality projects

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    Lasting beauty

    We use preserved, natural plants that retain their beauty for years

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    Green Wall

    The beauty of nature in your chosen area

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    Exclusive interior

    Each project - unique and special

About us

GAJA DECOR GROUP - is a young and ambitious company, which constantly seeks for a perfection in its projects. We are a professional team that creates the interior design of preserved plants. Each of our projects - unique and special. We want to be the best in our field, therefore we are always working with the most professional designers and architects, as well as our projects use only the highest quality materials. In your chosen space and according to your wishes we can create an original interior, where the beauty of nature will make you happy for many years.


Green wall systems

The living wall art is a modern, economical and practical solution for all unique interior décor lovers. Its high quality, ability to absorb sound, functional and good looking is what makes it so special. According to our clients, green wall systems we make are an irreplaceable solution for the restaurants, offices, banks, spa and shopping centers and of course homes. Due to stabilized moss green wall systems and a plant's ability to stay beautiful and viable for 5 to 10 years, living wall systems are super easy to be maintained. All they need is to be placed in the premises where strong daylight or humidity could not affect them. The best thing about indoor living wall systems is that they do not require any trimming or watering. Time to time they only need to be cleaned from dusts using cold breeze.

Speaking about GAJA DECOR GROUP as a living wall planter, we always concentrate on quality. The project and products we create are all made from natural, organic mosses and plants that are collected from Scandinavian forests. To be more unique, we also offer a wide range of moss colors, including all green, pink, red, purple, brown, grey color shades that can be placed on green wall systems.


Preserved plants features

Preserved plants features

  • 100% natural plants placed in green walls
  • 100% biodegradable products
  • All green wall design production is handmade
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Wall of plants does not require maintenance
  • Cost-benefit products
  • Absorbing up to 50% of the sound in a room, used as a sound-reducing substance
  • Natural humidity indicator
  • Air purifying
  • Live plant wall does not contain any toxic chemicals
  • The ability to combine different materials
  • Products have the fire safety certificate

green plant wall care

The green wall products do not require any special care. They do not require any direct sunlight, watering and pruning. If necessary, the interior green wall plants can be cleaned with a special dust cleaning brush, broom, soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a very low suction function.

Stabilization process of the plants

Stabilization process of the plants

The natural structure of the green wall garden plant can be preserved thanks to the stabilization process, so the wall design plants keep the natural greenery, elasticity, softness and tenderness for a long time. It’s 100% natural, long-lasting products from nature.