Home interior decor trends for 2018

Creating home interior isn‘t the easiest task. In order to create something special and unique, you need to use your imagination as well as have an interest in the recent trends. It’s not enough to paint your walls in white or pastel colors, lay out new furniture and bring beautiful accents. Modern interior needs much more than that.

First and foremost, if you are into modern interior, you must know  that such home should be simple. Simplicity is the key point that should pay your attention while choosing the furniture and other details. Of course, when we say simple, we do not mean boring. We are speaking about clean and fresh lines as well as natural colors. Such interior should be warm and stylish, but not too luxurious or provocative. Obviously, it won‘t be as simple as walking into a store and buying clothes or some similar goods. It will take time and patience to find a modern decor details. 

What should you pay attention to? 

  • Simplicity;
  • Functionality;
  • Open spaces;
  • It's own character;
  • Details.

So, if you are interested what are the latest trends this year, we will give you the answer. First is white interiors. Second – marble. Third – copper home accessories. Fourth – generic furniture and last but not least – moss art on walls. Starting from the last one, moss wall art became very popular in the beginning of this year and its popularity it’s not going to stop any soon. Preserved moss wall artwall art is being used almost everywhere. In the offices, restaurants, banks, shopping centers and now – homes. Many interior designers find indoor moss wallor moss wall art as an amazing solution to improve the space by bringing some greenery. And that‘s true! Green walls are not only the beautiful accessory, but it also brings the natural beauty of nature. Of course, not only moss designs on walls can be used. Usually, designers and architects also offer unique and beautiful moss art pictures that can be made from different moss and forest plants. To make such decor ever more special, different colors can be added. Indoor moss art pictures on walls can be made of red, purple, blue, grey, yellow, orange, light green or dark and many other shades. Not to mention, especially living moss walls can be very useful for home or offices that needs some peace. In other words, such moss can absorb various sounds bring the peace and tranquility.

White interiors – it is more about Scandinavian design. As it was one year ago, today white color is also a choice number one. If you want to paint your home walls, make them white. To liven up the design, bring some colors using furniture or other decorative details such as paintings, vases, flowers and etc. The best solution – use copper home accessories and marble. Even though, it was believed that marble is no longer fashionable, that's definitely not true. Marble and copper accessories mixed together is a great choice of simple, modern home!