Moss and plant pictures in the interior

Green, fuzzy and natural – that‘s how we call preserved moss that definitely has a starring role in nowadays interior. However, this time we are not going to speak about green moss walls as we usually do. We are going to introduce moss and plant pictures that are becoming more an more popular every single day.

What do you know about them? We are pretty sure, you have seen such interior decor in some restaurants, hotels or coffee shops. We do not see anything unexpected in it since everyone wants to have beautiful decor that would also be unique. Not to mention, greenery is the decoration that everyone wants. However, differently, from simple, moss or plants that die after being picked, preserved moss can stay in its best condition from 7 to 10 years or even more.

Being more precise, preserved moss is the super soft green plant that grows in the natural forests and other shady damp places. And it‘s not only a special plant, which helps to create an amazing interior, but it also has plenty of very important benefits including humidity. Briefly, moss helps to maintain a consistent level of humidity in premises. Also, moss not only absorbs moisture but can simply omit it. Another major advantage, it‘s a possibility to absorb the sounds. It‘s the perfect solution for hospitals, spa centers, offices or restaurants that want to maintain silence.

In terms of green moss walls, it is a decoration that is created using preserved moss, forest plants or both of it. They are simply being placed in the wooden frames. Depending on desire and taste, it can be done in the most simple way, when only one color moss is used. However, in order to make something special, designers create pictures or mix different moss colors together with other forest plants. Such pictures can be done with pink, green, blue, grey, pink or any kind of other colors. Also, it‘s is possible to create a bird, heart, flower or other painting using different size mosses.

As you can see in the picture below, moss can be also composed in a different form of frames. Without no doubt, it looks amazing when it comes in square shape green moss walls, but it looks even more stunning being added to round ones. As you can see in the picture below, moss can be also composed in a different form of frames. 

Want to have a similar composition in your office, restaurant or simply home? We are ready to create something that will take your breath away!