Green walls and pictures catalogs

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Green walls and moss pictures are the latest trend in interior decorating. A miniature or even large landscape of moss and lichen not only provides with an exclusive design, but it also allows to breathe deeply when being surrounded by greenery.

Feeling the passion and love in what we do, we create the most beautiful and unique masterpieces that bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside the different places. Want your place to stand out and look eye-catching for every customer or just quest who enters your office, public place or home? Check our green walls catalogue and find the designs you love most.

Above the moss pictures and green wall catalog you will see a description of the projects in general. For more specific information, please contact our designer or a person responsible for the projects.

Moreover, you can also see our green wall and moss pictures catalog during the exhibitions or different events in which we participate. Follow our website news section or follow us on Facebook.

We hope our catalog of green walls for interior has inspired you to bring some new and fresh trend to your place.