Moss preform for Architect professionals

parsisiusti ruosinius  Flat moss

parsisiusti ruosinius  Flat pole moss

parsisiusti ruosinius  Flat pole moss plants

parsisiusti ruosinius  Pole moss

parsisiusti ruosinius  Scandinavian moss

Interior design is not just about the colors and furniture. Every designer and architect know that details play one of the key roles. Not to mention, what else can better transform a simple space into a stylish one than moss walls and moss pictures can?

We are sure, our unique and exclusive designs combined with a good work of a designer or architect can create something special and breathtaking. For this reason we have prepared green moss for an architecture that can be customized to every indoor. Check out all our photos, sorted by moss type and choose the ones you need. As green moss walls and pictures creators, we offer a wide range of moss, which vary in type, texture, size and even color. That allows us to prepare all kinds of needed designs of moss for architectural interiors.

As green walls creators, first of all, we offer to choose the type of moss and the needed amount of it. We can create any size of wall filled with moss and other forest plants, or simply create moss pictures that would look good at interior detail at a restaurant, spa center, shopping center, home and etc. Also, we offer moss designs for architects that can be hanged on the wall. More usually, we offer moss and plant compositions placed in the pot. Lastly, we do various logos as well as create trees for the interior.

Have some clients who need to bring some greenery to their working place or even home? Moss designs for interior designing is a perfect choice. It not only improves the spaces but also provides an extra greenery that is so important in today’s interior.

Can’t find the right moss type, color or size that would help to create moss architecture interiors you want? Do not hesitate and contact us for more information about moss perform for architect professionals. We are sure we will find or be able to do everything you need. Collaboration - makes it all simple and easy. P.S. You can check our green walls catalogue to see our designs.