Restaurant decor with preserved moss


Have you ever been to a healthy food restaurant called "Take away"? Now you can not only have a delicious meal there, but also check out the green moss décor created by us - GAJA DECOR GROUP.

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Moss logo design ideas


Have you ever thought that the main logo of your company might be made of moss? Take a look at the newly created "Statikus" company logo that creates the perfect image of the brand.

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Modern moss in frame decor


True, stylish, elegant. This seems to be the newly created project that we have installed in the "Skuba" company's administrative area. The composition created in non-traditional size and form is a real picture of nature, which has also become a true masterpiece.

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Preserved green moss wall design


Your office lacks liveliness and modernity? GAJA DECOR GROUP can bring some uniqueness to your premises by offering green moss decor. One of such examples is inspirational and delicate wall decor that we have implemented in Plastikse" office.

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Moss wall decor in shopping center


By creating new projects we seek to discover what the customer is looking for. To make Ozo visitors feel good while shopping, we have implemented another unique project that you can see in the pictures below.

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Preserved plants composition on wall


The unique composition of stabilized moss and plants on the wall is a great way to create a very modern and durable décor in any type of room. This time GAJA DECOR GROUP presents a project of forest plants and natural mosses,

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Unique moss logo


Want a unique and individually designed business logo? GAJA DECOR GROUP will create a composition of your desired colors and shades using stabilized moss or plants. Looking for inspiration? Check "Mission driven" project here:

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Stabilized plants and moss wall


How to create an image of a luxurious hotel, which is simple as well as unique? GAJA DECOR GROUP is pretty sure that an individually created stabilized moss project might be the best solution. Click "read more" for more pictures.

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Green preserved moss logo design


Another composition that was implemented by the GAJA DECOR GROUP team is Glera games logo design. To create the composition, we used green Scandinavian moss. Do you want a similar design logo? Contact us.

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green wall


Want to decorate your office with unique stabilized plants that would remain beautiful for several years? GAJA DECOR GROUP will create a most beautiful composition for you. Check your project "Narbutas" and let us know your ideas.

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Green wall system of preserved plants


Would you like your restaurant interior become more exclusive and unique? GAJA DECOR GROUP can make it real. Check our stabilized plant composition that we implemented in "Fortas" restaurant and be free to contact us about creating something beautiful at your place.

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Moss wall in the office


Want to decorate your office? Even small premises can be decorated with Scandinavian moss. Create beauty with GAJA DECOR GROUP and enjoy stylish, modern and exclusive meeting room.

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Moss composition


This time GAJA DECOR GROUP presents unique and super stylish moss wall composition that was installed in Aqua Home. Natural beauty and simplicity - is all you need.

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samanu siena su piesiniais

„Untold“, Vilnius

The harmony of preserved plant greenery and artistic drawings in a restaurant - why not? The exquisite interior design decision was implemented by GAJA DECOR GROUP team in the restaurant "Untold"

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Augalu siena

„Sfinksas“, Vilnius

The GAJA DECOR GROUP team can always offer something new and original to its customers – presently we have created compositions in flowerpots using theme of forest plants.

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Natūralios samanos

Office, Vilnius

GAJA DECOR GROUP green wall turned this office into a cozy and exclusive place to work. In such an office it’s not only a pleasure to work, communicate with customers, but also spend a full working day.

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Ozo medžiai

„Ozas“, Vilnius

In shopping and entertainment center "Ozas", in Vilnius, GAJA DECOR GROUP team decorated three resting areas, where would be nice to relax after entertainment and shopping. Round tree foliage created in ivy and other trees - the eucalyptus.

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„Belomeda“, Vilnius

„Belomeda“, Vilnius

Natural, original and simple – according to the following three attributes GAJA DECOR GROUP team decorated "Belomeda“ clinic logo. The logo is an exceptional detail in clinic interior, made of natural Scandinavian stabilized moss

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